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Traditional folklore festival Jurjevanje

The oldest folklore festival in Slovenia, Jurjevanje, takes place in Črnomelj and this year it was held for the 55th time from 20th to 24th of June. Jurjevanje, organized by our partner RIC Bela krajina, has an important role in preserving the cultural heritage of Bela krajina in the form of dances, songs and music. It also connects the local with global by inviting international folklore groups from across the world to present their own heritage.

We got ourselves in the mood for Jurjevanje already on Wednesday 20th of June when the Peruvian folkdance group C.I.D.A.N Mi Peru came to visit us at BIG BERRY Kolpa resort before their performances at the festival. The terrace of the resort was filled with smiling faces and joyful cheers as our guests arrived and started immediately to unpack their instruments. We were all truly amazed by the energy that the group brought along them as they started singing and dancing around the terrace. Later we all had lunch together at the barbeque house, played some football together and we even got to try some of the Peruvian instruments!

BB Stories jurjevanje peru 5

BB stories jurjevanje peru 4

On Friday we continued to enjoy Jurjevanje as we wanted to introduce the festival to our four travel bloggers – Mariana, Teresa, Valentina and Alice. Walking around the beautiful old town of Črnomelj and exploring the festival area, we saw a shop introducing us to the making of the traditional bread from Bela krajina region, Pogača. We stopped to see some traditional Slovenian singing and dancing before sitting down for dinner.

BB stories jurjevanje dinner

BB stories jurjevanje dancers serbia

For dinner we had the delicious food made by our BIG BERRY partner Gostišče Veselič. We sat for many hours to enjoy the good food and wine. As the evening proceeded, we saw more amazing dance performances from Peru, India, Serbia and other countries. The talented folklore dances were a great ending to this awesome day!