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Fifth product designer of the 2018 season

It is time to get to know our second product designer of this month! After our amazing fashion designers Nika Ravnik, Tanja Pađan from KISS THE FUTURE and Jona Bednjanec, and our product designer Jelena Necić from daskka, we are proud to introduce another product designer: Nataša Dolejši from Dolejši modni gumbi!

Nataša and her colleague Zvonka Kos joined our designer crew on Wednesday afternoon for lunch in BIG BERRY partner Domačija Šrajf. We all enjoyed amazing home-made food and afterwards the owner Sonja Škof introduced us to their museum of partisan history of Bela krajina. We were all very impressed by the interesting history of this region and the determined local people! After returning to the resort, we introduced Nataša and Zvonka to their BIG BERRY House and the beautiful Kolpa River Resort and also to BIG BERRY brand and the BB Design Year project. When they were filled with the most important information they were ready to finish this active day with imagination of new BB brand.

BIG BERRY Stories DY Natasa COF

BIG BERRY Stories DY Natasa working

On Thursday we had an inspiring visit to COF - coworking factory in Metlika. Alenka Tomašić, the project manager of Project Creativewear and Projekt TCBL introduced us to the projects and the possibilities for designers to unite and cooperate. We witnessed the saying how good professionals always find each other - Nataša and Dolejši modni gumbi already participate in these projects, so we had a chance to get information and experience from the first hand. Returning from the inspiring visit, Nataša gave us a presentation introducing us all to her button company Dolejši modni gumbi and their new collections. This day was all about sharing creative ideas! After making connections and sharing professional experiences, we were ready for new dose of designing in inspiring BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort.

During these two awesome days, Nataša met new people, enjoyed the beautiful nature of BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort and most important, had time to get inspired and creative! She designed various new BIG BERRY items which will be made from the leftover material from her button company, which makes them good to nature who we at BIG BERRY appreciate the most. We can’t wait to see the final product and to support upcycled design!

By Tuuli-Maria Mäki