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BB Influencers mural by Anja Polh


Mural – BB Influencers

BIG BERRY is based on a close collaboration between tourism and artists, and so BB Art Colony project was created. During two years 17 international artists created 373 m2 of murals and a street full of art along the Kolpa river.Anja Polh, a Slovenian illustrator who is irreversibly in love with letters, typography and writing, was the perfect artist for the visual communication of BB Influencers, all those people who spread their stories about BIG BERRY with actual letters. Inspired by love, happiness and good company, Anja has placed influencers in the middle of nature and - planted many more good stories.

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The concept

Anja was in BIG BERRY along with her boyfriend at the time and current husband, artist Dejan Kralj. They got two themes, BB Love and BB Influencers which they decided to split among them, although they helped each other in the process. 

“In our circle of artists, influencers are often not best received. However, it seems good to me that BIG BERRY is also going one step further, to realize that this is the way forward now. Moreover, they are not necessarily a bad thing. First of all, you have an image of those influencers that are everywhere, who want everything for free. However, an influencer means an influencer - someone who has the influence to spread the word and that can be a very good word. These can also be people who are for the arts, these can be people who write blogs, take photos, and have a sense of things," Anja describes her first contact with the subject.

So she made a BB house out of which a pencil, a fountain pen and a camera come out and they send a good voice to the world about BIG BERRY. "There is a nature and peace around which every influencer needs more than anyone else because of the nature of his work."

BB AC 2019 Anja Polh

Symbolism in the mural  

BIG BERRY believes in unconventional and innovative ways of spreading the word and promoting the brand. One such way is the BB Art colony project, and the other is to connect with various journalists, photographers, filmmakers and different influencers from around the world. Those people have the opportunity to be part of the experience, to taste the atmosphere of BIG BERRY, to feel people, to live in BB houses and then spread the word through various channels, from social networks to classic media. Over the last four years, BIG BERRY has hosted over 200 influencers who have left their mark and continue to spread the word about the luxury of freedom.

BB Art Colony 2019 Anja Polh 

Today, influencers are actually everyone - photographers, artists, journalists and, after all, every guest who spreads the word about Slovenia's beauties forward in a true and authentic way. Anja Polh, a Slovenian artist inspired by letters and inspired non-stereotypically by happiness, joy and society, has decided to unite all different influencers into a mural in the middle of Bela krajina and BIG BERRY, in the middle of nature and peace, which we also increasingly need. And in this way, she has certainly planted many more wonderful stories.

Ideas for photographs

The mural is the perfect background for photography for journalists, photographers, creative minds. For millennials and generations of Gen Z. For anyone who likes to post something online and those who like to indulge in the online world. And of course for all influencers with their phones in their hands.

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