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Astronomy night in BIG BERRY

It's the night of the year when all wishes come true…

Perseids, the brightest meteor shower of the year truly is an amazing experience. We decided to celebrate this night of shooting stars in the comfort of our resort, surrounded by guests and friends.

We wanted to make it special (because that’s what we do in BIG BERRY), so we planned a night full of activities and it started with yoga under the beautiful night sky. Iva, our calm and positive Yoga master was once again a perfect teacher, so people who attended the class for the first time had no problems following her instructions. It was a delight to see so many people attending the yoga session and that’s why we prepared something unique. Better said, Dušan Mamut Badovinac Zupanjič, our beloved partner from Zlati Ghee did. In order to reach mindfulness, we practiced a special gong meditation after which we felt so peaceful and calm…

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The peacefulness lasted the whole event but it was time to move on to our next activity. It became a lot easier to move when we heard that snacks and wine are waiting for us. It was literally the perfect start to our Astronomy night, which continued with a lecture by astrologist Joze Vranicar, who explained us the beautiful phenomenon that we were about to witness. It was time to pour a glass of wine and take a walk to the end of our resort, where we prepared mattresses, chairs and blankets and started observing hundreds of shooting stars. Not only them, thanks to Mr Vranicar, we were able to see our neighbors from the Milky Way - Mars and Saturn! We didn’t see the little green ones (You don’t say!) but I think that we already have enough green in our BIG BERRY resort, don’t we? :)

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The show began and the screen was beyond us. A perfect excuse to lie down on the mattresses, have a chat with our beloved friends and wish upon the stars.


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