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Wine queens of Slovenia at BIG BERRY Resort


11th festival of young wine “Mlada portugalka v Beli krajini“ was held on Saturday, 19th October 2019 in town Metlika. As wine region, Bela krajina gathers top winegrowers, who present their first, young wine.

wine queens

As the main representatives of wines and wine customs, special guests of this festival were wie queens of Slovenia. Ten wine queens gathered together to taste and evaluate young wines from Bela krajina - queen of teran Nuša Živec, 7. Ptuj wine queen Eva Gašperšič, 6. Cerkvenjak wine queen Tjaša Simonič; 18. Svečina wine queen Jožica Gornik; 21. Cviček princess Simona Petrečič; 4. Wine queen of Jeruzalem - Ormož hills Eva Leskovar; Ljutomet wine queen Tjaša Kovačič; wine queen Mala Nedelja Martina Daniella Kosi; Queen of metliška črnina Patricia Blažič; 23. Slovenian wine queen Meta Frangež. 


During their stay in Bela krajina, the queens were accommodated at the BIG BERRY Kolpa Lifestyle Resort. The queens had the opportunity to discover the benefits of this unique concept that, with a combination of a five-star luxury experience, provides the highest level of enjoyment. Staying in modern, fully furnished houses surrounded by untouched nature right next to Kolpa River, it was an opportunity for the wine queens to enjoy the greatest luxury of freedom.


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