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The traditional walk along Kolpa River

Sunday 13th of May 2018, BBteam had the chance to take part into a magical and wonderful hike along the wild Kolpa River. A unique experience to discover the beauty of Bela Krajina’s environment, meet local people and spot the Croatian neighborhood in the southernmost point of Slovenia.

The 23rd edition of the “tradicionalni mednarodni pohod po Najjužnejši slovenski pešpoti" organized by BBpartner Kolpa Adventures was certainly an experience that we will remember. Starting in the morning in Damelj village, we quickly encountered Kolpa River and followed it for the next 3 hours. After descending a small path under the trees, here we were, at the southernmost point of Slovenia. A great moment to take pictures and think of the interesting fact.

Snickers for ones, hiking shoes for others and even barefoot for the bravest, we continued our hike along the turquoise and transparent Kolpa River. After one hour, the French intern crew of BBteam had the surprise to stop by the “French Stone” - a vestige of the Napoleonic era - a quick thought for their mother country.

Then the rain join us during this hike. A little rain that refreshed us and made the landscapes even more mesmerizing and wild. At halfway, people took a break to discover the Kobiljača karst cave (the longest karst cave in Bela Krajina). It was a very exciting moment with some tight passages for the most courageous ones. After that, we continued the hike into a more different environment, between forests and vineyards to finally get back to Kolpa Adventures area.

To end the march best, we joined the local community around a refreshing beer and a delicious goulash with some traditional Slovenian music. It was a great moment and opportunity to discover more the local traditions and way of life!