Luxury of freedom


Our perspectives

BIG BERRY is more than a location. The brand awareness of BIG BERRY has been building around networking. Through its different services it offers new ways to develop a strong network. Some of our main values appear behind the term “Franchise”:

-          Build a community

At BIG BERRY, we think that community gives us strength. Therefore, our objective is to gather people to come up with new projects together . BIG BERRY’s community makes people more connected, and here lies the true power.

-          Think locally

These opportunities aim to help both small and large local businesses grow. Indeed, BIG BERRY wants to be part of the local development by promoting regional products.

-          Share the knowledge

By gathering people, BIG BERRY plans to inspire them with innovative ideas through testimonials.

As a franchise, you will be part of our growing network and you’ll be able to expand it even more by sharing our values.