Luxury of freedom


Live an unforgettable summer holiday!

It's time to live the most unforgettable summer of your life by the river...

Have you ever wondered about the benefits of not to use technology – smartphones, computers, tablets, for a while? Everybody needs a break to get a refreshment and come back to reality more powerful!

Various activities are available when you spend your vacations in the countryside. At BIG BERRY resort a lot of activities can be mixed together such as swimming, canoeing, mountain bike ride, hiking. Also, you can explore the cultural heritage about the history and indentity of Slovenia.

Getting outside and enjoying the numerous outdoor activities is something that everyone loves. It simply makes people feel happy.

Slovenia is a green destination, active, and peaceful.

As the quote by Albert Einstein says: “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”

The benefits of nature are endless but- unfortunately- all good things must end...