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BB Flag


We hang it in our office and wave it at the revolution. BIG BERRY revolution! More hangs mean more of everything!

We love the BIG BERRY flag and we can tell so many nice words about it. We take it everywhere we go and  we can‘t imagine life without this useful thing to show off our brand and spread the message about the BIG BERRY.

It helps us in every step we take.It‘s like old/innovative way to advertise but not only promote but at the same time make the lasting impression on everyone’s minds.

Honestly, it helps to feel the brand. Gives emotional and psychological benefits, attraction, more appeal, more visibility and more recall value.

The BB flag is an important element in the identification of corporate outdoor or indoor events, etc. The flag serves as the greeting sign at our events, company headquarters, special occasions, travels, etc.

We proudly wave the flag because we want to make our mark-the BB mark.



  • Events
  • Special occasions
  • Travels
  • Offices
  • Receptions
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