Luxury of freedom


BB Red Violet Line


BIG BERRY houses have a red-violet vertical stripe on its side as a BIG BERRY recognition sign which makes the house look like a box of chocolate with a wrap or a Christmas gift. And this is how BIG BERRY wants for you to feel when you see it. Enjoy unwrapping your Christmas present!

We believe that our houses are so different that we want them to be seen from far distances, for this we added the charming strip which we begive gives a special touch and character for our houses. Of course reminds about our branding.

We want all the time to remind our customers about our branding and build strong awareness of our brand. We try to make it visible memorable, immediately recognizable from a distance.

Red-violet vertical striped visual signifier with our logo, and color.

BIG BERRY brand symbolizes healthy lifestyle which includes enjoying nature and all its benefits while preserving the natural environment.

BIG BERRY wants to provide an authentic view into the local area. The local connection - that’s the most important. The features of the resort would be the same, but the experience in a different region would be totally unique to that location.


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