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BB Mobile Beer Station


In summer thoughts turn into beer. The hotter it gets, the stronger urge comes to crack and open the can of cold beer. There is no doubt and we all place some of the most flavorful beers on the table for quenching our thirsts with ice-cold beer.

Think about how great a beer tastes on a hot day when you’ve emerged from afternoon activities outdoors. Or when the sun goes down and it gets cooler you can sit down and enjoy some pleasant conversation.

Sound like summer nirvana? Maybe it is, but it‘s just the right and favorable drink for summer all around the world.

The size of a BB Beer Station makes it simple to transport wherever you want to. It's easy-to-use feature, makes it a perfect addition to an organized event. BB Beer Station enables you to present your favorite beer brand and provides your guests with a fresh glass of beer within a few seconds.


  • Reception
  • Bar
  • Parties
  • BBQ places
  • Effective promotion of local beer
  • Meeting point
  • Creative Lectern


Every beer drinker has a fantasy of being his own bartender, pulling down the tap to pour the perfect pint of draft beer, complete with a beading glass and frothy head. BIG BERRY  in partnership with Vizir , asked designer to help tap into those desires , a solution to recreate the look, feel, and taste of draft beer at home. Getting that mix into a small container that would sit in the fridge, however, is more complicated than it might seem. Many consumers might be willing to use a draft beer system as a novelty, but in order for them to use it again and again and adopt it into their lifestyle, it had to be more than just a reliable system. It had to be perfectly designed.


David Cugelj


David Cugelj, Slo

As a dynamic person he is most satisfied when he is expanding his horizons. He enjoys discovering new ideas and always strives to find the best solutions. To that end, he doesn't look for inspiration in others; he wants to create new stories, rather than just repeating old ones. He enjoys working with numerous clients on different projects and he is constantly keeping tabs on the latest developments in industrial design. In this way, day after day, he fills his working hours by doing what he loves the most: creating.