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BIG BERRY Join - means an authentic local environment provided by partners from the community. BIG BERRY works towards building a network of brands with strong integrity; providing products and  services that can help us all “live better”.

- We support local businesses and mutually collaborate with all entrepreneurs willing to enhance the network (in services, products, promotions and ideas).

- We create strong proactive relationships with our local partners and make a promise to nurture our partnerships for a better future together that in-turn enhance the bonds of the whole community.

- Always looking for new partners to build a new strong relationship and to support local environment, BIG BERRY’s line is: “Win by sharing”.

Want to be a part of BIG BERRY?

Do you own a unique business, offer a product or an experience that fits in BIG BERRY concept? Do you want international exposure through our channels and guests? Do you want to let the world know about you?BIG BERRY Partnership concept works towards building a network of brands with strong integrity and proactive cooperation. Our brand is always looking to grow its partnership base with companies providing products & services that ensure a genuine experience.

Become a partner!

BIG BERRY is creating a sustainable concept by supporting local businesses & mutual collaboration with all entrepreneurs willing to enhance the network - in services, products, promotions and ideas. Our mission is to expand and grow together! Benefits for your business:

  • Become a part of international brand. We have estimated that by 2030, BIG BERRY will spread to more than 300 locations worldwide.

  • Introduce your business to new audiences. Reach customers and entrepreneurs from neighbouring countries or around the globe.

  • Connect to local businesses. BIG BERRY business model is based on the social and sustainable concepts, and we believe that in order to build the strongest and outstanding society, it is vital to support and get supported by other local companies.

  • Boost your online presence and be active in all major social media channels. BIG BERRY is continuously spreading the word about local community, its growth, and success of small enterprises.

  • Get professional visual identity. BIG BERRY is working with professional photographers, designers and content creators that help us build a memorable visual identity for every partner.

Get in touch now:

If you are ready to be a part of BIG BERRY and take your business to the next level, get in touch for more information at



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