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Jure Šutar became our fourth BIG BERRY Mastermind!

Jure Šutar is a young entrepreneur. After a three-year long residence in Asia, he is still successfully working as speaker and consultant for European region at RDI Worldwide and Insongdo. As a practitioner of remote work, he knows the best what is needed to work effectively out of an office. Moreover, he is willing to share all gather experience. As a fourth BIG BERRY Mastermind, he gave us a great portion of useful knowledge by answering following questions:

· How to collaborate remotely with the co-workers?
· What are the best remote working tools?
· How to organize your work?

To know more about those topics follow our BIG BERRY Mastermind LIVE STREAM and article (under the photos) and interview with Jure Šutar.


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