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Well begun is half done: Slovenska Hiša officially opened


The Olympic flame was carried up and the Olympic cauldron was lit! PyeongChang was beautifully decorated with fireworks above, uniting the world as one. Olympic competitions have started, first medals won. And… SLOVENIAN HOUSE is officially opened!

As you know, BIG BERRY starts this year in PyeongChang the Winter Olympic Games. The Winter Olympics are just the beginning of an exciting year, 2018. There are many other events to look forward to!

The Olympic Games are a symbol of hope and peace. The only event that brings the whole world together in harmony and beauty, celebrating diversity and human achievement, and more importantly bringing peace. What an enormous power!

The 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics opening ceremony was titled "Peace in Motion" and it was set around the epic journey of five children from Gangwon, who are believed to have created the universe. When the children entered the future world, where everyone and everything are connected, they realized the significance of working together for peace and a better world! What a nice message for the rest of the world.

These days remind us that living should always be about the joy of life and confidence in the future!

BIG BERRY, like the children from the Gangwon, has realized the importance of connecting and cooperating with the purpose of making this world better for everyone. In the light of the emotions waiting for us in the next two weeks, we would like that you join us in the discovery.

We invite you to share this amazing spirit of optimism and confidence. The Olympic Cauldron will be burning for two weeks during the Winter Olympics, but let this flame burn in our spirits all the time.

The BIG BERRY journey begins!


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