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Unique Choice of The Slovenian Flag Holder At The Winter Olympics

At the Olympic Committee of Slovenia, they decided to choose supporters for the launch of Winter Olympic Games in PyeongChang, through a special action on the social network of Facebook.

Only 25 days away from the opening of the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, where fifteen athletes will compete under the Slovenian flag. Who will defend the color of Slovenia in South Korea will be finally revealed on 23rd of January, when the OCS Executive Board will confirm the list of athletes.
Six days later, the main part of the national team will be presented at a special ceremony in Ljubljana, at which time it will also be known who will flaunt the Slovenian flag at the opening ceremony of the Games. At OCS, this time they announced a special way of selecting a flagrant,in a way that the athlete should appoint the public in a special voting campaign on Facebook.

The OCS will offer three finalists among which the people will be able to choose through voting on Facebook. On August 29 will be announced which athlete will inherit Vasilije Žbogar, who represented the Slovenian national team during the last Summer Olympic Games. Although, according to the recently published poll, asking people who would they trust this honorable task, a Slovenian skier Peter Prevc received the most votes, followed by Filip Flisar.

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