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Slovenian Torch Safely Arrives To Tržić

A variegated event and a very warm reception on the current path of the Slovenian torch again confirmed that Slovenia is a sports nation. After Jesenice, this has also been shown today in Tržič, a small town in Gorenjska region, which has given a huge numbers of Olympians in the past years.

A large number of sports enthusiasts gathered today in front of the Olympic Market Hall, which welcomed the arrival of the Slovenian torch. This time the torch was brought into the beautiful place under Ljubelj by the former Slovenian flag  holder from Sochi Olympics, Tomaž Razingar. Judging by playfulness of the youngest, there is nothing to fear about the future of sports in Slovenia. Various content events happening  in Tržić, including the artworks exhibition, numerous Olympic challenges for children, Olympic quiz, performances of the elementary school pupils and more, are all the proof that sports in the broadest sense of the word is rich and united.

It is an unbelievable fact that 26 Olympic athletes came from Tržič. at today's event, Tomas Globočnik, Milena Kordež, Andrej Jerman, Bojan Križaj, Andrej Tavželj and Tomaž Razingar were carrying the torch. The only one missing was the winner of 2 medals from Sochi, Žan Košir. In front of him are the final preparations for this year's games in PyeongChang.

Slovenian torch has finished its route to Gorenjska. On Monday, January 15, 2018, it is travelling to visit Celje.

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