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Slovenian Torch Arrives To The First Stop In Jesenice

 Slovenian torch (#slovenskabakla) project of the Slovenian Olympic Committee is in its full swing! Just yesterday the "torch team" visited Jesenice and cheered up the local people and fans with an event and interesting guests.

Tomaž Razingar, the host of the #slovenskabakla team, representative at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games and now the head of the 2018 PyeongChang Fan Club, brought the torch from Mojstrana to Jesenice. The members of the hockey club Jesenice welcomed him on the arrival. Soon, the Olympians that were born in Jesenice joined the fans and the torch holders at the event Gorenjska region. Tomaž Razingar was the first to hand over the torch to the mayor, who started the way to the Podmežakla hall, where the arrival of the #slovenskabakla was eagerly awaited by a large crowd of people. The Ice Hall in Jesenice was surprisingly warm today when the Olympic champions Edo Hafner, Zvone Šuvak, Drago Mlinarec, Ivan Ščap, Robert Kerštajn and Alenka Dovžan stepped into it and handed the torch over to the young skier and candidate for the Paralympic Games in South Korea, Jernej Slivnik.

With various activities for our youngest, mini-olympics, warm tea, energy plates and special Coca-Coca bottles in Olympic colors, there was a fun conversation and socializing with our athletes who gathered memories of their Olympic days and wished luck to our Olympians, who will soon go to chase their Olympic dreams! At the event, of course, the Slovenian Olympic mascot Foksi was entertaining children and doing some Olympic activities with them. At the end, Alenka Dovžan handed the torch back to Tomaž Razingar, who was waiting for the police escort and official vehicle on the ice to take him to the new destination.

Next stop: Tržič!

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