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Olympicnic in BIG BERRY


Just 3 months after the closing of Winter Olympic Games in South Korea and start of the new partnership with Olympic Committee of Slovenia and Slovenia House 2018, the time has come for a reunion. On Saturday, 19th of May 2018, BIG BERRY hosted a picnic for members of the Committee and their partners and sponsors.

BB olympic BBQ

It was a whole day event featuring presentation of Korean food (smuggled from South Korea) to tasting of local products from Bela krajina. Guests had a chance to enjoy all delicacies, under the warming sun, which came as a surprise. It’s not only weather that served us well, but also the good food, provided by the sponsor of the Olympic Committee and prepared by the BB Chef Janko Guštin. The event was a great chance to remember interesting moments spent together in PyeongChang as well as an opportunity for networking.



Some of the bravest team members of Olympic Committee cycled all the way from Ljubljana to BIG BERRY!


olympic committee

BIG BERRY is lucky to have a partner like Kreal to enrich the program of sports events with plenty of outdoor activities and sports equipment. We had a chance to try out their new product - interactive outdoor equipment which was a success among children and adults.

Kreal in BB

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Thank you Olympic Committee for organizing this amazing picnic with us! We’re looking forward to more events like this.

Special thanks go to the organizers: Matic Švab, Luka Kermelj and Peter Dokl, including other representatives from Olympic Committee of Slovenia.