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Last Preparations For The Winter Olympics

A week before the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Pyongyang, extreme temperatures showed a friendly face, and the first athletes are already coming to the Olympic village.

Freezing cold weather, which showed its teeth in the past few days, since the temperatures ranged from -15 to -20 degrees Celsius, has withdrawn. The beautiful sunny weather made the picturesque landscape between Gangneum and the hilly region of Alpensio in the best light and revealed very friendly locals, who are trying to please every foreigner who needs the help. The village where the Winter Games will be held from 9th to 25th of February, is ready and glowing in all its splendor. Also, in general, the Koreans did everything they needed to calmly wait for athletes from all over the world where 2900 will be gathered in PyeongChang. Both Olympic villages are already full and the first athletes have already begun to enter the gaming scene. 

The tireless marketing team of the Slovenian Olympic Committee has been working with the experts for two days now. The last operational preparations for the opening of the Slovenian House are being made and with events in the upcoming days, Slovenia will present itself to the foreign visitors in the most beautiful light. Also, the leadership of the Slovenian Olympic team is already at the arena of the Olympic Games, together with the head of the national team, Franci Petek, who joined them on Sunday.

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