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Eleventh fashion designers of the 2018 season

Another amazing visit of new BB designers has passed and we are very thrilled to introduce the last designers of August, Saša and Mitja Škrjanec from JAGABABA! Saša, Mitja and their two children Pia and Vid all visited us at BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort for 3 days to take part in our BB Fashion Design project to design their lovely nature inspired textiles for us!

The JAGABABA family arrived on a rainy Sunday afternoon, and as the first thing we took them to one of our BIG BERRY partners, Gostilna Müller, to enjoy some amazing local food! After eating, it was time to get to know the resort, settle in in their BB House and get a presentation about BIG BERRY and the BB Design Year project to prepare them for three days full of creative energy! Saša and Mitja took advantage of the gloomy weather and created a cozy working atmosphere in the BB house, and later in the evening we all gathered in the reception for a cozy, warm gaming night!

BIG BERRY Stories DY Jagababa arrival

BIG BERRY Stories DY Jagababa cozy

The second day of our designers’ stay was a day full of activities: first, we had our 9th BB Chef Polona Klančnik Pola, who created an amazing menu for us using what she is famous for – sourdough bread! After eating and having a good time at the first event, we continued with BB Mastermind, where we listened to Maja Vukorep, the brand manager from Jana company. Maja gave us an interesting presentation about how Jana became such a successful company in a short time. We were truly impressed by this story!

BIG BERRY Stories DY Jagababa working

BIG BERRY Stories DY Jagababa sketch

On the last day we had a beautiful morning watching JAGABABA work in action! Saša shared with us the technique they use in all of their work – silk screening. We all got to try the silk screening on a piece of cloth and we created our own JAGABABA meets BIG BERRY textile! We had so much fun learning about this technique and seeing in person how Saša and Mitja create their beautiful textiles!

BIG BERRY Stories DY Jagababa silk screen 1

BIG BERRY Stories DY Jagababa silk screen 2

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