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Announced The Members Of Slovenian Olympic Team For PyeongChang 2018

The Executive members of Slovenian Olympic Committee have approved the 71-member Olympic team of Slovenia for the 23rd Winter Games in February in PyeongChang, South Korea, while some athletes still have the opportunity to play.

Together with coaches, medical and the rest of the staff for 2018 Olympics, there will be 162 people in total as a part of the national team and will be led by the former world champion in ski jumps, Franci Petek, now the director of the Ski Association of Slovenia. On the request of the Expert Council for Competition Sports at the Olympic Committee of Slovenia, the Executive members of the Olympic Committee confirmed the list of the candidates and only "changed" them to the passengers for the appearance at the Olympic Games.

 The full list of the athletes competing for the Slovenian Olympic Team can be found on the following link: 

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