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21 Olympic Days

BIG BERRY at the Olympics? Why not! We know that nothing is impossible for this amazing team. At the end of the season 2017, BIG BERRY got an opportunity to become a part of Winter Olympic Games 2018 in PyeongChang, South Korea. Even the birds on the trees already know that, because we couldn’t keep quiet about it. But our excitement doesn’t stop there.

Going to a far away country such as South Korea, there is so much to explore, so we saw a perfect opportunity for our next 21 Days Project. This time, 21 days will revolve around South Korean culture, traditions, sports, habits and lifestyle, in order to bring the atmosphere from the host country of the Olympics closer to everyone.

Three berries are traveling to South Korea, where they will spread the berry spirit and soak up everything that is being offered by this amazing country and the people. In order to soothe the cultural shock and make the best of the time spent there, we are bringing 21 fun and educative characteristic of South Korea. So, stay tuned, because we guarantee 121% fun content!