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Seventh fashion designer of the 2018 season

Another week of BB Fashion Design Project has passed with amazing new designers! We had a whole week of fun when Emi Fujisawa, textile designer and artist from Japan came to visit us at BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort.

Emi arrived to BIG BERRY together with another BB fashion designer and her old friend, Vita Ivičić. On the first day, it was time to introduce Emi and Vita to BIG BERRY: we had a walk around the resort and introduced them to the amazing BB Art Colony houses, and later gave them a presentation about the BIG BERRY brand and the BB Design Year Project.

The first day was finished with an interesting visit to BIG BERRY partner Domača Obrt Cvitkovič that makes products from the traditional material of the region, linen. At Cvitkovič, Emi got to weave on a traditional weaving loom and Nada Cvitković taught us all how to do traditional Easter egg decorating with bee wax. This was an inspirational visit where we learned a lot about the rich tradition of fashion design in Bela krajina!

BIG BERRY Stories DY Emi arrival

BIG BERRY Stories DY Emi cvitkovic

On Thursday it was time to start working! In the morning Emi headed to the BB Zen Area at the very end of the resort to have some peaceful time for designing and to get all the inspiration from the surrounding nature. After work, we headed to Črnomelj for lunch at BIG BERRY partner Gostilna Müller, and to visit Vita’s work studio where she creates her magical designs inspired by the nature of Bela krajina. We ended this creative day with a refreshing swim all together in the Kolpa river!

The following day started again with work as Emi started digging clay from the Zen Area for her pottery designs. She found some clay with a perfect color to match the nature surroundings at BIG BERRY! After working we enjoyed lunch at BIG BERRY partner Izletniška Kmetija Zupančič, where Richard Zupančić gave us the true Bela krajina experience by preparing the best local trout and vegetables from their garden! Later in the afternoon our designer group grew with one more fashion designer when Lovro Ivančić joined us.

BIG BERRY Stories DY Emi clay

BIG BERRY Stories DY Emi clay baking

The weekend at BIG BERRY passed fast with various activities: designing in different beautiful spots at the resort, baking Emi’s clay pots in the BB BBQ House, relaxing in the BB hot tub and enjoying the starry night sky from our new BB Rooftop Terrace. On Monday, it was time for a very special event as for the first time we joined the forces of BB Mastermind and BB Design Year: Emi & Vita were our 10th BIG BERRY Masterminds with a natural dyeing workshop! Our terrace was filled with people ready to create some amazing decorations on the BIG BERRY notebook covers. It was truly an unique experience for our guests and the local community - and we were really happy how the first Mastermind & Design Year fusion went!

BIG BERRY Stories DY Emi mastermind sewing

BIG BERRY Stories DY Emi mastermind

We really enjoyed this creative week and the possibility to see Emi design and work with inspiration from the nature of BIG BERRY. We can’t wait to see the final designs she presents to us!


By Tuuli-Maria Mäki

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