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Ninth fashion designer of the 2018 season

We have finished another month full of amazing BB designers and it is time to meet our last fashion designer of the month, Lovro Ivančić! Lovro is a fashion and textile designer who always likes to experiment with his work.

Lovro joined our two other fashion designers Emi Fujisawa and Vita Ivičić on a Friday afternoon to start his BIG BERRY experience. We introduced him to the resort, the BIG BERRY brand and the BB brand elements. In the evening we all spent active time together with BB team Janko’s training, which got us feeling fresh and energetic. BIG BERRY resort is a place where health and well-being are valued, and we find it important to keep our bodies healthy in order to have our minds open for new ideas!

BB Stories DY Lovro working


The next morning, we continued with well-being in the form of morning yoga at the BB rooftop terrace. The weekend in BIG BERRY passed fast with various activities: designing, enjoying the delicious BB Chef event, swimming all together in the Kolpa river and relaxing in the peaceful natural surroundings.

Lovro actively searched for his inspiration for the future BB brand element by soaking up BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort’s atmosphere and enjoying it to the fullest! By being able to get to know it from the first hand, he managed to get some amazing ideas which will give added value to BB experience.

On Sunday Lovro helped out Vita and Emi with their preparation for BB Mastermind event. We all followed excitedly the process of natural dyeing. Vita & Emi used hibiscus tea to dye the BB notebook covers with a gorgeous violet red color! On Monday it was time for our very first BB Mastermind and BB Design Year fusion! Emi and Vita held a natural dyeing workshop where we decorated the BB Notebook covers with our own unique embroidery designs. We all had a good time together and continued the evening after the event at the BB BBQ House grilling local corn and celebrating the unforgettable week with our lovely designers!

BB Stories DY Lovro mastermind

BB Stories DY Lovro button tree

During his stay, Lovro enjoyed the BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort to the fullest: the beautiful nature, Kolpa river, canoeing, both working and relaxing in the BB Open Lounge Houses and driving around with the BB Golf Car! He had many ideas for new BB Outfits  and he designed various items which will enrich our LUXURY OF FREEDOM.

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