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Eighth fashion designer of the 2018 season

We are continuing with our lovely fashion designers of the past week and now it is time to introduce Vita Ivičić, the Slovenian designer who can create amazingly beautiful designs from any flower or plant!

Vita arrived to BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort together with another BB fashion designer and her old friend, Emi Fujisawa. First task was to get to know BIG BERRY: we showed them around in the beautiful resort and had a presentation about the BIG BERRY brand and the BB Design Year Project. The introduction to BIG BERRY was finished with a visit to one of our BIG BERRY partners, Domača Obrt Cvitkovič, that makes products from the traditional material of the region, linen. At Cvitkovič, we got to do traditional Easter egg decorating with bee wax and learned a lot about the rich tradition of fashion design in Bela krajina!

BIG BERRY Stories DY Vita arrival

BIG BERRY Stories DY Vita cvitkovic

The following day Vita spent some time researching plants for her design. After she chose the perfect plants for future BB pattern, she started putting it on the canvas in a natural way: beating the berries and flowers between two canvas to get the pattern of authentic BIG BERRY nature. With the help of one BB element, the berries, Vita created patterns for her new designed BB elements! After working, we took our BB mini car to Črnomelj to our BIG BERRY partner Gostilna Müller for some delicious local food for lunch. After lunch, Vita took us to her working studio where she created her designs inspired by the amazing nature of Bela krajina. She showed us her own weaving loom, her designs and the dress for which she was awarded at Milano on Mittelmoda.

On Friday we were amazed to watch again Vita working with BB berries and different plants in the peace of the BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort. We had lunch at our BIG BERRY partner Izletniška Kmetija Zupančič, where we got to enjoy local trout with vegetables from their own garden! Later in the afternoon we were joined by one more BB fashion designer, Lovro Ivančić. We all ended the day with our BB team member Janko’s training, which got all of us feeling fresh and ready for more creative work! The BIG BERRY resort is a place where we care for health, because only healthy body can be open to new ideas.

BIG BERRY Stories DY Vita working 1

BIG BERRY Stories DY Vita working 2

During the weekend Vita, Emi and Lovro all had the chance to create their amazing designs in various places in BIG BERRY and to relax in their BB House and of course in the BB hot tub. We spent great time all together swimming in the Kolpa river and watching the starry sky from our new BB rooftop terrace. On Monday, it was time for a very special event as for the first time ever we combined two BIG BERRY projects: BB Mastermind and BB Fashion Design! Vita and Emi held a natural dyeing workshop where they dyed our BB notebook covers made from linen with hibiscus tea. The hibiscus turned the covers into a gorgeous red violet color and afterwards we all got to create our own designs on them with traditional and modern embroidery.

BIG BERRY Stories DY Vita mastermind 1

BIG BERRY Stories DY Vita mastermind 2

The successful BB Mastermind and BB Fashion Design fusion was the perfect end for this awesome week with our fashion designers! We were mesmerized by the beautiful patterns Vita created from the nature surrounding her and we can’t wait to see the outcome!

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