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Autumn is the season full of opportunities


The summer season is slowly coming to an end, but it doesn’t mean that the fun and enjoyment stop here.

Autumn is an amazing season, offering a whole spectre of activities. September and October are the months of warm colors, sunny days and chilly nights over the bonfire. It is also the time of less crowds, more peace and many opportunities to discover places through fun activities.

In case you ran out of inspiration, we bring you the top 5 list of ideas on what to do in Bela krajina in September and October.

1. Organize a team building

Autumn is a perfect time to organize a small company gathering. Right before starting a new working season in full swing, gather your team and make the best out of your time together.

2. Go grape picking

September is a grape picking season! Bela krajina is a wine region with endless vineyards and ripe grapes waiting to be harvested. The culture of this activity is to hang out over good food and wine. It is when you can get to know the local people and learn something about the lifestyle of this region.

3. Cycling and hiking

Bela krajina if full of hiking and cycling trails, waiting to be discovered. The colorful leaves will give a special touch to this experience. 

4. Mushroom picking

Slovenia is one of the greenest countries in Europe and has many forests paths which are full of mushrooms in the autumn season. This activity can be a true adventure, but you must educate yourself about mushrooms first or have at least one expert by your side during this expedition.

5. Educational workshops

RIC Bela krajina is organizing free, educational workshops for the second year in a row. Each week in September you can listen to experts sharing their knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship, management, business and many more. 

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