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Dan Kurzrock and Jordan Schwartz - Want you to eat your beer

Not too many people think about the amount of waste that accumulates from that six-pack of beer they consumed last weekend. Well, after barley or other grains are soaked in breweries and the liquid is extracted to create beer, that six-pack has left behind about a pound of wasted grains that are just discarded as trash. Some companies bring the old product to local farms, which use it as feed for their animals, while others are able to compost the spent grains. Yet, some smaller breweries in urban areas don't have livestock or large enough compost systems to withstand such a massive amount of of product waste. So, Dan Kurzrock and Jordan Schwartz of ReGrained have come up with a solution!

In 2012, they launched the company ReGrained and began turning used grains into snack bars. Their vision is to help the urban ecosystem go further with less by creating ways for beer grain to go far beyond the brewery without sacrificing nutrition, taste and sustainability. Although referred to as “spent,” Kurzrock and Schwartz know that beer grain is far from bad when it leaves the brewers. So while one may see this food as used up, it has actually become healthier—practically a super food! Grains are an important part of our diet and high quality beer grain is full of potential. Sorry no, you can't catch a buzz from the snack, but the San Francisco based company is excited to be a part of a viable product saving up to 85 percent of the total by-products of the brewing process. 

Here at BIG BERRY we are proud to support local businesses and services that create great and natural products. Such as our own craft beer partner, Vizir, right here in Slovenia. Vizir has entered the world of craft beer with open arms and a very natural non-pasteurized brewing process. Learn more about them on our partner's page or better yet have a beer tour of your own on your next visit to BIG BERRY

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