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Tik Tak Ice Cream

Homemade, 100% natural Tik Tak ice cream can be found in Črnomaljska Kavarna, located in Črnomelj. The inspiration for this new and yummy business was found after years of work in the field and the will to introduce Slovenia to high-quality product that could satisfy different tastes. You can choose from the variety of more than 70 different flavours, both dairy or sorbet. Ice cream is produced in high quality machines where the preparation method lasts only 15 minutes. On top of that, the owner is more than happy to experiment with peculiar flavours that amaze the ones brave enough to try them, some of them being garlic or lavender.

Črnomaljska Kavarna
Ulica Lojzeta Fabjana 7
8340 Črnomelj

Working hours:
Mon - Fri: 07:30 - 22:00

P: +386 41 441 789
E: [email protected]
Facebook page


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