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BB Coasters


Round shaped and red violet, a perfect thing to light up your dinner or coffee table. Brand visibility even at the bottom of a glass. As we have a knack for multifunctionality, the coasters are designed to serve as bookmarks, as well. The slightest details show our passion for expressing our creativity and our constant need to create. That is why we have developed our own coasters. To every Why?, there's a Why not?!

Most notable feature, BB Coaster is entirely made out of recycled paper, and it uses very little paint!



  • Coaster
  • Bookmark
  • Emergency paper to take down notes
  • Superhero cape for your pen
  • Brand visibility (just put it anywhere)
  • Business card holder
  • Addition to any promo material


David Cugelj


David Cugelj, Slo

As a dynamic person he is most satisfied when he is expanding his horizons. He enjoys discovering new ideas and always strives to find the best solutions. To that end, he doesn't look for inspiration in others; he wants to create new stories, rather than just repeating old ones. He enjoys working with numerous clients on different projects and he is constantly keeping tabs on the latest developments in industrial design. In this way, day after day, he fills his working hours by doing what he loves the most: creating.

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