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7th BB CHEF with Danilo Pavlovič and Žganci - a traditional Slovenian breakfast


Traditional Slovenian dish called Žganci story and recipe as traditionally done by a local and owner of Kmetija Pavlovič - the 6th BIG BERRY chef - Danilo Pavlovič.


About Danilo Pavlovič and his farm

Danilo is a successful wine producer, farmer, great man, a father and a great cook! Despite his daily job he runs a relatively big family farm that he happily shows also to the tourists coming to the area.

Farm Pavlovič - integrated production of fruit and vegetables with the highest biological value. Their moto is “food is medicine”.  The farm is specialized in the integrated production of vegetables in indoor and outdoor space. They grow strawberries and they also have the aronia plantation and raspberries.

But different berries aren’t the only thing they offer – from them he makes delicious jams and marmalades with no extra sugar added that you can also get daily for BB breakfast. But the most special thing you can get in his farm is an exquisite raspberry wine or a sparkling wine. Done on a traditional method just not using grapes but raspberry – super unique and great to combine with different dishes – especially desserts.

But for us he prepared something more traditional. According to him, this dish is commonly known among Slovenians for making people stronger: “Every day after farmers go back home from work, this dish is ready for them to eat”, and this is the way Slovenian farmers have been reposing their energy.


Recipe for traditional Slovenian dish - Žganci

Žganci – in English words would sound something like: Buckwheat Mush, is still a food, printed in the Slovenian’s memory as a vigorous food of strength and energy, as a food that people used to eat for breakfast or used other variations of Žganci as a side dish. It is rich in energy giving carbohydrates. Žganci wasn’t tied to a specific social class. It was eaten by all people. Rich and poor people loved to eat Žganci. Of course, different ingredients can be added into this dish. 

Prepared differently in each region, Žganci is still eaten in every Slovenian house. In Bela Krajina region, it is normally served with coffee without caffeine, and that was the exact way Danilo prepared Žganci for BIG BERRY people and guests. Žganci may not be the best-looking dish but it tastes delicious, (VERY DELICIOUS!) and is very healthy.


Find the RECIPE here and watch the video  how to cook it.


As child Danilo Pavlovič were told by his grandmother: “You know, to keep you strong, eat more Žganci and you’ll grow big and will be energetic while working in the fields!”. We can confirm you, that Danilo grandmother was 100 % right. Danilo grew up to be healthy and strong, has a huge family, has been running his family business for many years and we are proud to have him as BB partner.

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