Luxury of freedom


BIG BERRY at night

Photo by: 2DP Photography

‘Is it possible to have a night out at the BIG BERRY Kolpa River? Well, until yesterday I would have said “NOPE!”. We had a fantastic party last night together with our BIG BERRY neighbourhood. First we went to the patio of the reception to play cards. Then we met some new people from the resort who were walking around. They joined us around the table and we continued to play together until we relocated in order to continue the party in our BBhouse. This night was memorable! BIG BERRY at night is definitely worth seeing!”

Berni Pakos Matos.

We tried to give our resort a welcoming touch which would incite people to get to know each other and have fun together. Each detail is carefully thought-out. There are plenty of spots where you can talk to your new acquaintances about your incredible life, to relax in the sun, to play volleyball and to have fun. In short, here you will find everything you need to enjoy your holiday and your freedom!

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