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11th BB CHEF - unparalleled Erich Glavica


The 11th BIG BERRY CHEF Erich Glavica is Croatian chef with over 25 years of experience. The master visited BIG BERRY on the 15th of July, impressed guests with his talent and prepared some delicious recipes for us to try!

Enrich Glavica career


Schooled in Austria, Erich Glavica has been part of the gastronomy world since he was 16. Due to his versatility, he worked with a great number of established hotels as well as famous people such as Niki Lauda and Alojz Mock, and has consulted a number of brands across the world. At the moment Erich is Executive Chef for Chef Ltd, Croatia.

He is also the owner of a rental chef agency and has a big group of renowned chefs working all over Europe for him. Erich has won numerous culinary recognitions and many gold medals, including the Crystal Ladle, which was awarded by the Croatian Culinary Federation for Best Chef. Erich currently participates in culinary competitions as a WACS recognized judge and is a mentor to a group of young chefs. He is a hardworking, motivated and enthusiastic person who has a real passion for food.

Erich Glavica cooking local 


When in BIG BERRY Erich Glavica was cooking with local, fresh and mainly eco ingredients from our partners (Ekološka Kmetija Župnca, in particular). 

Cold lentils salad with grilled watermelon was served as appetizer, gourmet’s nest and stuffed pork tenderloin with pumpkin pure, grilled tomatoes for main dish, and delicious beetroot brownies with pepper strawberries and rose wine sorbet for dessert. All the dishes were served on elegant plates produced by unparalleled Duke Group and were accompanied by tasty Malnarič wine and Vizir beer in beautiful FashionTV glasses. 

Don't forget to click the name of the dish for the recipe!

Erich Glavica's BIG BERRY experience 


On the 15th of July Erich visited BB local partners. He had a chance to try natural home-made chocolate by Berryshka, and a unique opportunity to observe the process how chocolate is manufactured. Afterwards Erich had a delicious meal in luxurious Marof Bistro, where he met another BB chef ― Blaž Žvab.

On the 16th of July Erich prepared three delicious dishes with natural products from local partners for around 40 BIG BERRY guests. 

Erich had an opportunity to meet other BB partners, present at the dinner: Dušan, who is famous for producing natural Zlati Ghee butter, Mojca, who makes Slovenia a happy place with its pogaca, cakes and pastry, and Pavlovič family who possess a large farm, which produces fruit, vegetables, marmelade and strawberry wine. After marvelous dinner our guests tasted delicious wine produced by Semiska Penina in a swimming pool. They could not help canoeing on such a peaceful and mesmerizing Kolpa river on reliable and comfortable canoes made by ROTO.

On the 17th of July Erich together with BB team visited Domačija Kuzma where the guests walked through the history of grinding the flour and tried an amazing Slovenian drink rakija. For the ‘trying the cook’ game, as usual, the cook had to guess three BIG BERRY partner’s products. 

The unmissable LeGhee chocolate spread was his first guess. Vizir Magic Chestnut Beer, which Erich enjoyed very much, was also guessed by him. And the last one was rakija with chili, manufactured by Domačija Kuzma, which Erich could not help guessing.

The guests had an excellent dinner with various fish meals at another BB partner Izletniška Kmetija Zupančič, a Slovenian farm famous for its home-made food, Lamut juice and wine. Rihard, who once was BB chef as well, entertained the guests with marvellous guitar songs. 

‘BIG BERRY is indeed an amazing place with nice people’ ― with bright and warm smile, never leaving his face, Erich Glavica will always be welcomed at BIG BERRY.

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