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BB Mobile BBQ Station


Mm... Something smells in the air! BB is the best place in the world for everything related to outdoor cooking because BIG BERRY offers widespread of possibilities!

The house follows the same design as BB houses and is made with high-quality materials.

Next, to the big round fireplace, you can sit on the comfortable sofas and enjoy the perfect view of BB resort while eating an amazing barbecue or just warming up around the fireplace.

BBQ it’s an easy, stress-free option to use for any type of event. It could be family gatherings, birthdays or more.

BB guests love it! They lounge around BBQ place all summer long, love to stay outside as much as possible with kids, dogs and spend their vacation time in our big yard.

BBQ place is the perfect investment for you. The most important that it makes the resort guests happy. Here everyone could feel like a master cook or chef and spend some family or friends time. Grill some vegetables, roast some meat.

Everyone can escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy the tranquillity at the BIG BERRY Resort accompanied by their relatives or friends.


  • Barbecue party
  • Hamburger 
  • Grilled vegetable lunch
  • Small events by the house
  • Cooking by the river

Uses for BB Mobile BBQ Station

BB mobile Barbecue Station gives to the use many possibilities. Do you wonder how and when to use it?

  • Cozy evenings close to the fireplace
  • BBQ parties
  • Events
  • Meetings
  • Outside terrace
  • Small restaurant
  • Cooking shows

Not convinced yet? Then come to BIG BERRY Kolpa River and enjoy with us a great barbecue on the terrace!

David Cugelj


David Cugelj, Slo

Kao dinamičan osoba je najzadovoljniji kad je širi svoje horizonte. On uživa u otkrivanju novih ideja i uvijek nastoji pronaći najbolja rješenja. U tom smislu, on ne traži inspiraciju u drugima; on želi stvoriti nove priče, nego samo ponavlja stare. On uživa raditi s brojnim klijentima na različitim projektima, a on je stalno pratite najnovija zbivanja u industrijskom dizajnu. Na taj način, iz dana u dan, on ispunjava svoje radne sate radeći ono što voli najviše: stvaranje.

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