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Travel bloggers explore the world of BB!

Last week Nisha and Vasu from the blog “Le Monde - A Poetic Travail” Spent a memorable time together with the team and partners of BIG BERRY, while exploring the region!

An Indian couple -who love travelling around the world- got excited with the products of Zlati Ghee. As they said about their experience: “We had an opportunity to witness and relish food cooked by Katja Cernjak of Masterchef Slovenia”.

BIG BERRY would like to express its appreciation to all partners, who supported the amazing time of guests at BIG BERRY: Gostilna Müller, Gostišče Veselič, BIBI turizem - Belokranjsko izročilo, RIC Bela krajina, Oljarna Pečarič, Izletniška kmetija Zupančič and Pivovarna Vizir. One of the most important things for BIG BERRY is to meet travel bloggers from all over the world and take care of them!

BIG BERRY team always try the best about all the guests in order to enjoy greatly their stay at the resort!

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