Luxury of freedom


Spring time makeover with BB Art Colony

Spring is time for a change, isn’t it?

It’s blooming time!

Just as the nature changes its form in the spring, #BBhouses will transform themselves with the help of European street artists, painters and illustrators. April in #BBkolpariver will be filled with creativity thanks to Art Colony project. With the help of these visual magicians, #BBhouses will be ready for a new season, new guests and new adventures!


Jadranka Lacković, ojoMAGico

Jadranka is one of those renaissance women – not only does she create the most beautiful murals inspired by nature and Art Déco, she’s running ArtMašina - creative atelier for informal art education together with her colleagues, working as a freelance (analogue) photographer and running her own brand called ojoMAGico. This multi-talented artist with a degree in Industrial design and Applied Arts has a few more art crushes – from costumography to puppetry. A real #BB type of person.


Art Colony Jadranka Lackovic profil 

Art Clony Jadranka Lackovic mural


Nina Urh

Who says that landscape architects can't be (successful) graphic designers and illustrators? Nina proved that she has the only thing that's important – a dreamy soul with the need for exploring. Ethereal but bold, that’s how we see her. This Ljubljana-based artist will bring a touch of Japanese influenced cubist drawings into #BIGBERRY’s Luxury of Freedom.

Art Clony Nina Urh profil 

Art Clony Nina Urh 2


Rina Barbarić

The new generation of artists literary knows no boundaries, and Rina is the perfect example of it. This graphic designer and illustrator was born in Rijeka (Croatia), studied in Ljubljana (Slovenia), worked in London (UK) and now she has settled her creative mind in Zagreb (Croatia). Who knows, maybe she'll move to Bela krajina after the Art Colony project in BIG BERRY. Her unusual but dreamy illustrations will bring fresh air and youthful energy to the #BBhouses.

Art Colony Rina Barbaric profil 

Art Colony Rina Barbaric mural 2


Ines Milčić, pekmezmed

Ines, pekmezmed (jam-honey in Croatian) is the sweetest Croatian visual artist who has been interested in exploring the idea of female energy and the feeling of being connected with nature and the universe. Dreamy and fluid characters deeply immersed in nature will soon become residents of #BBkolpariver.  #BBhouse is ready for visual and energetic super-sweet transformation.

Art Clony pekmezmed profil 

Art Clony pekmezmed mural


Ninja Tiger

Ninja Tiger has a strong crush on everything that can be visually perceived. His path goes from drawing, illustration and painting to street and tattoo art and back. His unique style has been recognized all around Europe where he has been spreading his visual style for more than 10 years. #BBkolpariver is ready for its first resident cat - Ninja Tiger.

Art Colony Ninja Tiger profil 

Art Colony Ninja Tiger mural 3


Cristina Ramírez

This Spanish artist, educated in Madrid, is living and drawing in Granada. Her recent research is focused on the representation of cosmic horror, a fear of supernatural forces that burst into the plane of ordinary existence. This dreamy soul uses drawing as her instrument for visual representation of this conflict between the real and inconceivable. Prepare yourselves – her work will take us to the edge of the unknown in order to explore the end of one universe and the beginning of another.

Art Colony Cristina Ramirez profil 

Art Colony Cristina Ramirez mural


Sanja Stojković, Tifanirubi

Illustration, screenprint, applied graphics, street art, painting and textile design are the things which keep this Belgrade-born, Rijeka-raised, Berlin-formed and Zagreb-situated artist interested. Her main inspiration is the relationship between nature and culture and the need for creating a secure habitat in this fast-moving times, defined with growing dehumanization. She is going to search for her own freedom in BIG BERRY's Luxury of Freedom.

Art Colony Sanja 

Art Colony Sanja mural


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