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Brand Achievements

Achievements are results of diligent and meticulous work. When you love what you do and put your time and back to it, anything is achievable! BIG BERRY firmly believes in the saying “love what you do and do what you love”; and that is the drive which ensures conscientious brand work, and delivers only the best to its customers, partners, friends and the local community.

As result of the effort that was put into the machine since 2016, BIG BERRY was greatly recognized and exceeded its limits by creating a new concept of tourism named “Cloudnesting”. On top of that, BIG BERRY was invited to contribute to the Winter Olympic Games of 2018. Other notable achievements are as follows:  

Ideja 2017 - Finalist at “The Best Entrepreneurship Idea 2016/17”, BIG BERRY was among the 10 most innovative entrepreneur finalists at “The Best Entrepreneurship Idea 2016/17”  

Good Place - Shaping the tourism strategy of Bela krajina - BIG BERRY was recognized as an example of a sustainable tourism model by the Slovenian tourism agency which is developing the tourism strategy of Bela krajina.

Masterchefs Slovenia & Croatia - BIG BERRYwas referenced in an article by the World Master Chefs magazine, which emphasised BIG BERRY Chef as a project that thrives to share different international cultures, linking the unique flavours to the beautiful region of Bela Krajina. 

Creditworthiness Rating - Parent company of BIG BERRY, Hosekra, received the highest possible rate assigned by the credit rating agency.


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