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BB Travel mural by Teja Ideja

BIG BERRY is based on a close collaboration between tourism and artists, and so BB Art Colony project was created. During two years 17 international artists created 373 m2 of murals and a street full of art along the Kolpa river. Mural BB Travel, made by Teja Ideja, represents a postcard of Kolpa river landscape where Slovenia is on one side and Croatia on another. Existing in a perfect travel harmony that most travelers can easily identify with.

But have you ever had a trip all by the plans? Just as planned, down to the last detail? Let's face it, usually the weather gives us the most trouble ...

And so, on that first April weekend, after a wonderful month in March, the premature rain erased the fresh color Teja had so carefully applied to the front of the BIG BERRY House for several hours, which represented the hills among which guests were coming to us. The color creeped into the jets, and we watched helplessly. But Teja remained positive: "Yes, but we will come again and learn more," she said. 

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And it was true. She spent two wonderful weekends with us and created her 2 murals. The travel mural is fun and special, and just like most travelers, overcame the unpredictable and now can hardly wait to meet all those different people from all over the world.

You can read more about her BB Chef mural by clicking on this link.

The concept

Teja Kleč, better known as Teja Ideja, is a versatile artist and designer who draws her inspiration from the time of Yugoslavia. Because she is the author of many nostalgic maps and postcards, she got the travel theme.

She began to think, “Now when I'm a bit older, traveling means going to nature, where there is a peaceful, where you are more alone. Then I thought - it is BIG BERRY.” Her mural represents a typical postcard for all travelers gathered under the slogan of the luxury of freedom.

She created a postcard that represents two riverside coasts, Croatian and Slovenian, and in between runs the Kolpa river and connects them, full of peace, nature and simple enjoyment of life.

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Symbolism in the mural / Mural symbolism

BIG BERRY strives to gather travelers from all over the world from standardized tourist routes to the very heart of a hidden Slovenian jewel – Bela krajina, directly to the locals, giving them a genuine experience. The combination of the five-star experience it offers combined with the luxury living experience is a guarantee of satisfaction. It is a very special form of luxury tourism for individuals, families as well as various business events, based on a close connection with the natural environment, while providing guests with all the luxury they desire. BB Art Colony is an innovative way to attract tourists to this area as well.


Travelers come alone, with their loved ones, with their pets. They use planes, trains, cars, vans and bicycles to reach this oasis of freedom. Some even come on foot. In many ways they are different, but they have one thing in common - they want a genuine experience of the luxury of freedom. And the best place in the world for this is the BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort, a place where even the wildest travelers want to calm down and breathe in with nature. And that's exactly what Teja Idea portrayed so beautifully.


The process of making the mural

Wondering how to paint a mural? Teja was also not quite sure how to handle the project on such a large surface. As she says, she has already worked "for buses and planes, but this is done on a computer, and then some masters make stickers, others transfer them on the surface."

Teja made a sketch digitally, which is a result of a considerable amount of research through which she explored various techniques, and finally chose the design of the net, which she transferred proportionally to a larger surface.

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Like most of the artists involved in the project, she was most worried about drawing again by hand that had already completely fallen away in this digital age ... "But once you get started, you fall in there very quickly," after 2 days of work, despite the really rainy weather that made her repeat many steps several times - she managed to finish both of her murals.

Ideas for photographs

The mural is quite photogenic and ideal for all travelers who want to make and send a unique postcard; for children with travel toys; for all those who enjoy nature; for those who crossed the Kolpa and came to the Croatian side and back; with a golf car up front - perfect transportation for travelers - fun and environmentally friendly; for everyone on a bike to whom mural represents their journey across the hills.

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