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Krajinski Park Lahinja

The Lahinja River, as well as the forests and wetland surrounding it, offers many surprises and mysteries. The protected area covering the first seven kilometres of the River Lahinja is a real botanical treasure. Besides natural sights, the park features a mill, sawmill, typical church and a traditional farmhouse. The Krajinski Park Lahinja, situated in the heart of Bela Krajina, is rich in natural and cultural heritage, which is manifested through eight protected natural monuments, six cultural monuments, and two natural reserves. Do not miss the chance to visit and enjoy this natural space that has special discounts for BIG BERRY Kolpa River guests.

Krajinski park Lahinja
8343 Dragatuš

P: +386 7 305 65 30 / gsm: 040 726 014
E: [email protected]

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