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Mastermind Jam: Designing the story with FJC concept

This Friday, June 15th, BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort will host, for the first time, 3 Masterminds who will talk about how the integration of FJC concept can have positive effect on the company in growth.

FEEL, JOIN and CREATE is a new business concept that sets the guidelines on how to do business with added value. Every company adds a story to their brand, but there is only ONE story that is yours - so make it worth!

Mastermind Jam is supported by the SPIRIT agency and Ministry of economic development and technology.

16.00 Presentation of BIG BERRY brand and Mastermind project
16.30 Sebastjan Štarkelj (Starkmat) “How to sell the news?”
17.30 Break
17.45 Mateje Vrščaj (Starkmat) “Development of the brand”
18.45 Tomaža Aupič (Starkmat) “Team is the heart”
19.45 Final discussion and refreshment

Event is open to public but with prior reservation through email: or by phone +386 64 280 695.

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