Luxury of freedom

It is time to KISS THE FUTURE, Tanja Pađan is our newest designer in the BB Fashion Design Project

July in BIG BERRY will be filled with creativity from BB Designers! After Nika Ravnik, sustainable and organic fashion designer, the time has come to introduce our next fashion designer. Next fashion designer comes directly from the future - Tanja Pađan and her brand KISS THE FUTURE.

Tanja Pađan, slovenian designer who founded brand KISS THE FUTURE comes to reconcile nature and technology through creating new BB Brand elements in BB Fashion Design Project. Tanja studied textile and fashion design in Slovenia, Portugal and Hungary and she has been published in numerous international magazines such as Revs Magazine, Kneon Magazine, C-Heads Magazine, Outsider Magazines and numerous Slovenian publications. Her main inspiration sources are science fiction, urban culture, cinema and experimental video, 1000 page novels and Rococo style.

Now is the time to get inspired by BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort and to set-up her playground in the middle of this stunning untouched nature!

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