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It is time for Prima’s head of design department, Tea Tadej in BB Product Design Project

BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort is more than proud to have a chance to host Tea Tadej, head of the design department in the largest furniture manufacturer in Croatia - Prima Group.

Tea is a Croatian designer, originally from Rijeka, who mastered design in the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana, Slovenia where she got her first experience in designing. Her career as product designer brought her to Zagreb to Prima Group where she is firmly building her career from being a junior designer to running the whole design department in the largest furniture manufacturing company in Croatia. This is what we call a real BB kind of designer - talented and persistent! Tea’s drives are bedroom and kitchen design, but also upholstered furniture for which she has been multiple times awarded both as a student and as a professional.

We are looking forward to host this young but experienced designer in BB Product Design Project and to experience on our skin some of her rich design experience. We in BIG BERRY are always ready to learn from the best!

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