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It is time for KOMAD in BB Fashion Design project!

We are more than proud to welcome KOMAD, clothing label from Croatia, who are specialized in designing minimalistic, classic yet progressive, dynamic, playful, adaptable and affordable clothes. As they say Through minimal lines, KOMAD comes to express the confident and free-spirited woman who achieves being perfectly effortless cool.

KOMAD in Croatian stands for a piece of something, but also it stands for a good piece of clothes and - for a beautiful lady!

Their clothes are famous of being multifunctional, wearable in different occasions - from working to fine dining, which is one of premises of BIG BERRY - to adjust to different occasions in a most comfortable way.

But their clothes are not just comfy and nice, they are putting a great effort to make it in the highest possible level with usage of sustainable manufacturing, fair labor and social responsibility. Their products, which are 100% made in Croatia, reflect loyalty and responsibility on all levels.

We can’t wait to have a chance to cooperate and to see their fashion magic in action in BB Fashion Design project in BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort!


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