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BB Product Design Project welcomes IKEA’s creative force - Damla Teoman

Time for presenting our next designer in BB Product Design Project has come - BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort is fully ready to host amazing Turkish designer, Damla Teoman.

Damla’s designing story is an international one - she has been educated in Turkey, Czech Republic and Italy, where she started her international professional career as product designer in Whirlpool Corporation. To BB Product Design Project she is coming straightly from IKEA Croatia, where she has been working for the last two years.

Her strong points, besides product design, are visual communication, sketching and photography. Her versatile and persistent approach in designing brought her to many awards, among which we are especially proud of her first prize, Etichetta d’Oro, on International Packaging Competition for her design of an olive oil bottle. Damla is coming to BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort to understand our brand and concept and to share her creativity with us. We are sure we will enjoy at fullest watching her creating our new BB bottles - and many more elements!

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