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BB Product Design Project is ready to host Ivona Miloš, generator of social changes

Our next BB designer, Ivona Miloš, comes from Praputnjak, a small village next to Rijeka, Croatia where she is doing the thing in which she is best in - using design as a tool for social changes.

Ivona’s basic fields are product and graphic design, both of which she mastered at the Faculty of Architecture in the School of design. She combines it all under fields of visual communication and social design, two platforms which occupy most of her creative forces nowadays. She is active in the field of design on a daily basis - working as a freelancer, developing new practices, doing workshops and applying for competitions. In design she tends to work through mediums of drawing and photography which brought her to experience of organizing and coordinating several exhibitions.

Since the autumn of 2016, a big part of Ivona's focus and energy is given to the management of activities and development of Praputnjak, a small village where she resides. Praputnjak is part of one of the flagship programs of Rijeka 2020 - European capital of culture project’s programme, called 27 Neighbourhoods, for which Ivona is to be blamed of. The whole story, and therefore Ivona too, is currently part of the Tandem Fryslan – program for cultural collaboration that has the aim to strengthen civil society of Europe.

Her way of rethinking design from being tool for making our everyday's life easier and prettier to making it a tool for everyday’s social changes makes her a real BB kind of person. We are looking forward to see all the changes in BB society which are waiting for us after Ivona does her design magic in BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort!

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