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Bakery Šrajf and Partisan Museum

Homestead Šrajf takes you directly to the heart of the local customs and tradition, by offering an unusual combination of services, ensuring and ultimate and unique experience. Homestead is devoted to bake various types of bread, cakes and pastry with heavy emphasis in baking Bela Krajina cake (Certified European Protected Dish) and buckwheat “pogača” with cottage cheese. Šrajf revives traditional recipes from Bela krajina cuisine.

In addition to the tasty part of the visit, the museum part of homestead (opened from spring to winter) offers visitors a chance to experience traditional baking method. Visitors can see equipment and machines that are used to serve the growing cereal crops. If you reserve or call in advance they can organize group to show how the wheat was thrashed using mill powered by harnessed horses.

Not only that, but you can also visit Partisan Hospital “Topolovec” – a preserved operating room, which was active in the years 1944-1945, and the only one in Slovenia, which operated in the village and not in the woods, like the others. For more information, you can look up a 60th anniversary brochure, which gives insight into the events, told by the local villagers.

Here’s what Šrajf offers:

  • Tasting of all kinds of pastries, breads and cakes
  • Guided Museum tour
  • “Topolovec” Partisan Hospital display (including agenda of the villages and hospitals from the period)

Don’t forget to book a lunch or dinner, at this versatile homestead.

VISITING HOURS: Sunday from 10:00 until 18:00
PRICE: 5€ per person

Sonja Skof
Address: Črešnjevec 21b, 8333 Semič
+386 7 305 90 62
+386 40 691 612



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