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Team building

Team Building is a string of various types of outdoor and indoor activities that were used by companies to raise relation and spirit of companies among employees. Companies and business owners believe that great teamwork is one of the most important factors that will take the business to success.

In BIG BERRY you will be welcoming by all kind of effective activities during your/company's accommodation. One part of your team while canoeing on Kolpa River's crystal water, others can prepare delicious foods that were made with local and healthy Slovenian ingredients. Additionally, BIG BERRY offers gym activities in the resort or out of the resort. In BIG BERRY you can rent the bicycle or take a massage break. Every morning, you wake up with Yoga gongs and take your fishing rod to start to fishing. On the other hand, the local business partners of BIG BERRY will be ready to additional services.

BIG BERRY Kolpa River destination is located in the untouched nature of Slovenia. There, you will have chances to take a walk into marvelous places.

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