Luxury of freedom

Kolpa River Slovenia

The Resort

Welcome to the first Slovenian Luxury Lifestyle Resort along River Kolpa in town of Primostek, where you will meet a new concept and collection of luxury houses with multipurpose center.


2 m - 1 min drive

BIG BERRY Luxury Lifestyle Resort has revealed its full potential for hosting different kinds events from of company gatherings and team buildings to weddings...
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Herbal plantation

4 m - 1 min drive

In our herbal plantation we have fruits, herbs, and aromatic plants that you can freely pick and add to your food. Feel free to cook some delicious recipes,...
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BIG BERRY Mastermind

25 m - 1 min drive

  Mastermind is a project developed in partnership with outstanding people - entrepreneurs, businessmen, managers, creative minds with great experience,...
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94 m - 1 min drive

The New Productive Teambuilding Vacation Concept Working vacations are the best type of teambuilding vacations and short-term work projects for companies!...
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BIG BERRY plantation

0.2 km - 1 min drive

At BIG BERRY we love healthy food and since fruits and berries are some of the healthiest foods around, we've filled a plantation right on our campsite with...
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Bee hotel

0.2 km - 1 min drive

These little diligent creatures are very important for our world. BIG BERRY strongly connects with nature and appreciates everything that it provides,...
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1.0 km - 3 mins drive

Enjoy the calm and peaceful camp environment, the flow of the river and the sound of singing birds.
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