Luxury of freedom


Serbian actor Nikola Đuričko enjoying time in BIG BERRY

During the summer there is no boring day at the BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort and sometimes we get the chance to host some especially interesting guests! In the beginning of August, we had the pleasure to welcome Nikola Đuričko, a Serbian actor who has played in various films, tv-shows and theater plays, such as Inspector Rex tv-series and the american film
World War Z starring Brad Pitt!  He also got to work with other big production as he starred in the film In the Land of Blood and Honey written and directed by Angelina Jolie.

Nikola had come to Bela krajina because of work – he plays a major role in a Slovenian teenage movie shot here in the region! The movie tells a story about a young boy who is very talented in tennis, but who has difficulties in life like anyone else. He is facing a situation where he has to choose which path to take in his life. Nikola plays the main character’s tennis coach, a sort of a father-figure.

Nikola’s impression of Bela krajina was great: he enjoyed the beautiful nature and the friendly local people that he met. He had a great experience working with Slovenian people, as in his words, the movie people are always the same around the world! “And Slovenians, we all lived in one country once so I have good memories all together”, Nikola thinks.

While he was working with the movie production, Nikola was staying with his family at BIG BERRY and enjoyed the beauty of Slovenian nature: “I feel really relaxed, it is the perfect weather and perfect nature!”, he says. He found the BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort a cool place for both kids and adults since it offers peacefulness as well as many activities. He enjoyed especially the Kolpa river and the beautiful old oaks at the end of the resort.  What Nikola also came to appreciate was the connection with the local community: he enjoyed local food and wine at our BB Chef event and local eggs and milk in his breakfast basket. “I think it’s actually priceless in a way”, he says.

Nikola found the BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort to be truly a representation of LUXURY OF FREEDOM. He enjoyed roaming freely in the natural surroundings, kayaking with his family and exploring the waterfalls along the Kolpa river. In his words, “the freedom IS luxury”, and we truly agree with that!