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Meet Nataša Dolejši, the creative button maker

After three amazing fashion designers, Nika Ravnik, Tanja Pađan and Jona Bednjanec and our first product designer of the month Jelena Necić from daskka, we are proud to announce our second product designer, Nataša Dolejši from Dolejši modni gumbi!

Dolejši modni gumbi is a Slovenian family company that produces creative buttons, jewellery and furniture. The company was founded by Nataša’s grandparents and she spent all her childhood in touch with the industry, until four years ago when she took over the company. Her original profession is agriculture and she still combines this with the button industry by putting some elements from the nature in to their new button collections.

This year, Dolejši modni gumbi celebrates 80 years of family tradition in the industry. For Nataša, the best part of her work are the daily challenges from customers that she and her team really have to spend time thinking about. This connection with customers and team working are the joy of her work.

BIG BERRY People DY Natasa working

BIG BERRY People DY Natasa Sketch

Dolejši modni gumbi started also some new projects this year: they are figuring out how to use their waste material from buttons in a new product. Most of their products are made of polyester, which is not suitable for recycling. That is why Nataša and her colleagues are now developing the idea how the leftover pieces of this material can be made useful in some other products.

Nataša came to visit us at the BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort for the BIG BERRY Product Design Project and spend three days designing various items made from recycled materials from her button factory. We are very excited to see the final products!