Luxury of freedom


Meet Lovro, our experimental textile designer and artist

After our nature-loving textile designers Emi Fujisawa and Vita Ivičić, BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort is proud to welcome another fashion designer, Lovro Ivančić. Lovro is a textile and fashion designer who always likes to experiment new things in his work!

Lovro comes originally from Zagreb and is currently studying fashion and textile design in Ljubljana university in the Faculty of Natural Sciences & Engineering. For Lovro, the best part of working in the field of design is the freedom: he chooses when and where to work, and he is able to do things for himself.

To have chance to experiment more, Lovro chose to concentrate more on textile than fashion in his master’s program. He really likes the abstractness of textile design, because the designed items don’t have to have a specific purpose at the time when its made, and that gives the designer more space for creativity! At the time, Lovro is really into textile installations, so most of the textiles he creates, he also translates to a textile installation at the end.

 BIG BERRY People DY Lovro working

The craziest project Lovro has done during his career was an installation on the façade of Cukrarna in Ljubljana during the Lighting Guerrilla festival. The biggest challenge of the project was the scale of the work: the facade of Cukrarna is huge and so the installation had to be in a much bigger scale than the team first even thought.

Attending the BIG BERRY Fashion Design Project, Lovro had a chance to experience the beautiful nature and the great atmosphere here at BIG BERRY. “I love the idea of a platform for young people to design something specifically or this place”, he says. He is planning to design a carpet for BIG BERRY, that can be used for outdoors relaxing but also to extend the feeling of LUXURY OF FREEDOM found only in BIG BERRY resorts. This kind of item will fit the resort perfectly!